18 April 2016

Prada-fication of Healthcare: The Patient Will See You Now

Cash Payments, Deductibles and the Patient Experience

Executive Summary

  • Macro changes in healthcare mean that more patients are directly trading currency for care.
  • When patients pay more, their expectations of care change.
  • The Wall Street Journal is reporting a return to cash discounting for patients.
  • Patients’ disconnection to invoicing drives non-payment.
  • Coordination and thoughtfulness in invoice delivery increases percentage of payment revenue.
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7 April 2016


What makes THAT dentist so special?

If you own a dental practice, you own a business. So it’s essential to be proactive in strategically planning for new levels of success.   It’s one thing to be a gifted dentist, but it’s another to be a savvy entrepreneur.

In our changing healthcare economy, there are several elements to a strong practice that separates those that are thriving, from those that are not. Dentistry is a blend of art, science and business. It takes a well-rounded person to be successful in all three at once. 

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