Georgia gains on shifts in physician employment models

  • Inelasticity in demand, an aging population and changes in healthcare policy have led to steady and continued growth in healthcare employment—outpacing total non-farm job numbers and wage growth through 2024 for most industries.
  • Georgia will be an acute winner due to availability of workforce and a growing population.
  • Physician demand is strong, but lack of supply will require technology implementation and improved employment models.
  • This will increase the need for physician assistants or nurse practitioners to fill the gap.
    Capital seeking healthcare consolidation provides physicians security of employment, if they want it.
  • Factors to watch carefully are:

1. Lifting of uncertainty within the market,
2. Flow of capital toward and away from healthcare consolidation,
3. Technologies that remove the complication from medical billing,
4. Compression of physician pay and/or improving hospital profitability.