25 August 2016


The healthcare industry exhibits high profitability, and dentistry is no different as a whole. The dental industry has benefited from favorable demographic trends, technological advances and attention given to the importance in oral hygiene over the past five years.

But running a successful practice isn’t easy. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication by each member of your office staff, and maybe a few steps outside your comfort zone.

Nobody knows the dental industry like the professionals who move it forward every day. We’ve tapped into a pool of dental industry specialists with unique perspectives, to ask for their expert advice on four questions:

  1. What it the single biggest opportunity in dentistry today?
  2. For a Dentist with a typical practice, what is the one thing that they can do to make the practice more valuable?
  3. What separates the best operators from the average dental practice owners?
  4. What is the best advice you’ve ever given or been given?
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19 August 2016

Charity Begins at Home

What is the proper response to life-long lagniappe?

I’ve got family on my side and my wife’s side in rural America. When I tell them that my main business is representing healthcare organizations and governments in real estate lease negotiations, I can tell what they’re thinking: You really get paid for that?

We take it for granted, but commercial real estate brokerage is a great business. It isn’t very capital intensive. There’s rarely pressure on commissions, everyone (usually) understands the model and it is (almost) infinitely scalable.

As an SIOR, a leader in the market, and business owner, what is the proper response to that? One option is to be thankful to live in a time and place where this business is possible. Another is to milk all you can out of a good situation. A third is to look for opportunities to share some good fortune through charitable giving.

I’d like to propose a few other options that perhaps hadn’t occurred to you—at least initially. I’d like to propose using our gifts within the community, within our organizations and within our households.

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1 August 2016

Urbanization in Georgia: How it’s Changing Atlanta and Other Cities Across the State.

  • Real estate needs and decision-making are evolving in response to urbanization
  • The preference for more urban living among both millennials and baby boomers, combined with city-center gentrification, has stimulated demand for urbanized suburbs.
  • The generation of people that are embarking on their careers right now are the millennials who want to live close to work, and more employers are responding to these demands by providing work environments that are more walkable, vibrant and close to amenities.
  • Mixed-use is becoming the new standard in urban development.
  • Access to public transit is a strong driver of company relocations and new office developments.
  • People today spend less time working their desk, which has driven the square footage needed in office space down.
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