Our Firm

The Business

Dudley Thomas Spade provides specialized real estate brokerage services to Clients in targeted Channels to help them make an excellent decision.

We do this by:

  1. Providing a vigorous representation of Clients within targeted channels in real estate transactions.
  2. Developing a team with a growth mindset who are constantly searching for better ways to represent our Clients.
  3. Selecting Clients from Channels into which we invest heavily.
  4. Building the most robust platform available to support in-bound brokerage business and long term relationships with the firm.
  5. Orienting the organization around those Partners to whom the opportunity matters the most.
  6. Being the transmission fluid for the communities where we locate.

Clients make DTSpade successful and providing them an aggressive representation of their interests is the best way to guarantee we get to stick around for another year.

It may go without saying, but we work to understand the decision a Client is going to make better than they do and anticipate the options before they appear.

We do this by seeking excellence in our craft and understanding deeply their business, industry, and goals.


With the skills and gifts each Partner possesses, we work to build upon them through continuing education, SIOR designation (for Agents) and a focus on doing the same task better each time. Our focus on specific Channels encourages our staff to systematize processes and build models that we can carry forward to the next transaction.


By “staying within our lane” we pre-select the transactions that we would like to represent and by sowing into those channels, we are an unbeatable competitor. Understanding your needs, building a business around a single decision you have to make, and practicing that over and over again gives us success. And success always looks a lot like hard work.


As a byproduct of our focus on specific channels, we have the luxury of custom building solutions, resources, and financial models around each of our areas of focus.

Imagine if years before you ever realized that you needed to make a decision, a firm had been practicing and learning and building an entire organization around helping you make it excellently. That’s us. Welcome. We’re glad you came.


Organizational Orientation. Most brokerage firms are built around the needs of Brokers and Agents—the revenue producing staff. But if we are in the business of anticipating our Clients’ needs and choices, then we should be able to apply that same strategy to anticipate the needs of our internal staff needs and choices.

In other words, our firm is built around a proven and refined process. Not a single individual.

Our orientation toward the ones who are typically seen as the least in other organizations gives our Brokers and Agents the thing that may not yet know they will want—to have made a difference in the life of another.

Transmission fluid does not run an engine, but it cools and lubricates the parts that get power to move the vehicle. More than answering a single question, DTSpade helps companies bring jobs, hope, restoration, and community into the world.

When we focus our attention on helping those companies make one decision excellently, we empower our Clients to hire, grow, and help others. When we connect our employees to that mission and the importance of our role in the community, they come to work knowing that their effort matters.

DTSpade and our employees are proud supporters of the following community organizations:

With growth as one of our core values, we’re consistently reading and learning. We’ve compiled these resources to share with you.



Core Values

Does what you believe matter? We think it does.

Imagine our City. Build that City.

Even in our narrow lane of representing companies in real estate transactions, we want Partners and Clients who believe that we should serve more than ourselves and that our work, when it’s honest and skilled, does more than accomplish a task.

It is serious business to us, so we look back at these Core Values often when we come to some of life’s inevitable stickiness:

brokenness + work = homecoming

Every person has a role and unmerited gifts that are no more honorable than those of another. But we each bear a responsibility to use our role and gifts in restoring and creating our world. For our part, that begins with an excellent effort.

service = honor

Everything flows from trust. It is an honor to serve our Clients and their trust in us requires honor in response.

(I + my neighbor) / love

In business, it is easy to love, cherish and take care of ourselves. But we divide that equation to include our neighbor. Whether that is a Client, our Clients’ clients, their employees, a competitor, colleague or a neighborhood, our equation and service will always include an appropriate measure of love for our neighbor.

yet I > but they

Our conduct is driven by our code to love our neighbor and never dependent on how we are treated.

pain of regret > ________

We have the hard conversations. We take the hard path. We climb the taller mountain not because it’s hard. We do it because it is how we would want to be treated and regret is harder.

our vision < true value

Our vision of our work / of others will always be less than its/their full excellence. Even with a glimmer of truth, we will never comprehend the reconciliation brought about by doing excellent work or the complete excellence of another.


Success (whether it’s educational, personal, a neighbors’, industry or financial) has an exponential effect when we orient it toward community.

Choose Fun

When faced with a decision where the pluses offset the minuses, we’re going to choose fun. Every time. We’ll choose fun.