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What if an organization had been practicing for just this moment?

What if that organization accumulated 200 years of experience completing transactions just like the ones you're facing?

What if that organization was set up as a learning organization so that mistakes made years ago aren't replicated, but built out through process improvement? Dudley Thomas Spade SRE is exactly that organization. Click below the industry that most fits your profile:

Health Systems Health Systems

Health Systems

Why are more doctors choosing health system employment, despite limited earning potential?
our Health System Practice Group

dental dental


What is the single biggest opportunity in dentistry today?
our Dental Practices Group

private equity private equity

private equity

Are you pre+Equity? What is the easiest way to reduce opex & boost valuations?
our Pre+Equity Property Advisors

government government


Is your institution fully accountable to its citizens? What is the true cost of your lease obligations?
our Government Property Advisors

Medical Medical


What’s the most efficient healthcare delivery model in the next six years?
our Medical Practices Group

dtspade dtspade


Where did DTSpade come from?
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Our Mission

“Dudley Thomas Spade (DTSpade) is a specialized commercial real estate firm providing excellent brokerage services to clients, and a place where Partners strive to restore the perfection of Creation.”

% Pure Love

% Plain Luck

% Excellence

Case In Point

At DTSpade, our organization’s vision is two parts. First, IMAGINE OUR CITY. What could our city become with more of what we love and less of what we hate? What would it look like if everything was on the table-not just what was possible? Can you Imagine that?

Second, BUILD THAT CITY. Each of us brings specific gifts, but sometimes those gifts feel disconnected from success. How does a designer solve the refugee crisis? How does a real estate broker heal a city? How can an assistant make government accountable? DTSpade is the bridge to that city. Here's how we do it:

  • Imagine Our City

    Tralongo Dental Solutions’ Acquisition of Southern Dental

    Southern Dental started as a family-run business and expanded into 10 dental offices throughout Texas. They had considered a sale on and off again for years, but by 2015, the situation had become dire. Without an equity partner and Dental Solutions expertise, the offices wouldn’t make it through the summer.

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