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DTSpade is a commercial real estate firm committed to helping Clients within Healthcare, Dental, Government and Pre+Equity organizations make excellent leasing decisions on office space. Our brokers are Partners who work as a team to expertly address your needs. We partner with you before, during and after the process to make lease administration work in your favor.


Our Five Step Site Selection Process takes into account 4 different factors before we even get to the market supply, the place where most other brokerage firms start.

  • The Competition
  • The Consumer
  • The Employees
  • The Regulations
  • The Supply


At DTSpade, our organization’s vision is two parts. First, IMAGINE OUR CITY. What could our city become with more of what we love and less of what we hate? What would it look like if everything was on the table-not just what was possible? Can you Imagine that?

Second, BUILD THAT CITY. Each of us brings specific gifts, but sometimes those gifts feel disconnected from success. How does a designer solve the refugee crisis? How does a real estate broker heal a city? How can an assistant make government accountable? DTSpade is the bridge to that city.


Find your place at DTSpade

What if an organization had been practicing for just this moment?

What if that organization accumulated 200 years of experience completing transactions just like the ones you’re facing?

What if that organization was set up as a learning organization so that mistakes made years ago aren’t replicated, but built out through process improvement? DTSpade Specialized Real Estate is exactly that organization.

DTSpade provides specialized real estate brokerage services to Clients in targeted Channels to help them make an excellent decision.

We do this by:

  1. Providing a vigorous representation of Clients within targeted channels in real estate transactions.
  2. Developing a team with a growth mindset who are constantly searching for better ways to represent our Clients.
  3. Selecting Clients from Channels into which we invest heavily.
  4. Building the most robust platform available to support in-bound brokerage business and long term relationships with the firm.
  5. Orienting the organization around those Partners to whom the opportunity matters the most.
  6. Being the transmission fluid for the communities where we locate.

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