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Our dynamic team of brokers, each working within their specialty, utilize world-class data and analytics to help our clients answer that ‘where’ question better. 

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Imagine if years before you ever realized that you needed to make a decision, a firm had been practicing and learning and building an entire organization around helping you make it excellently. That’s us. Welcome - we’re glad you came.


We work to understand the decision a Client is going to make better than they do and anticipate the options before they appear.

Fueled By Data

By empowering real estate experts with innovative technology, we deliver superior solutions to our clients.



Our focus on specific practices and sectors encourages our team to systematize processes and build models that we can build on.

Smart Tools. Educated Decisions.

We all have data, but can you turn that into information?

We work with clients to clarify, to prioritize, and to strategize. This begins with putting the project or subject area into context. We are able to do so by leveraging powerful GIS mapping tools along with multiple data sources.

Data-driven real estate solutions, like this one, show where particular consumer habits occur and what markets hold the most promise for your next location.

Curious how the real estate market in your area is going to affect your upcoming purchase, sale or expansion? Fill out the form below to get a free 3 page report on your submarket.

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Urgent care facilities

Outpatient surgery centers

Hospital systems

Community hospitals

Health centers

Skilled nursing facilities

Independent living

Long-term care facilities

Assisted living

Continuing care retirement communities

Land development for healthcare facilities


Medical office buildings

Outpatient surgery centers


Ambulatory Care



Managed Care Practices


Pain Management


Physical Therapy

Surgery Centers


Vision Care



General Dentist

Pediatric Dentist




Oral Pathologist

Oral Surgeon



Government Entities


Public Services

Consolates & Missions

Nonprofit Organizations

Religious Facilities

Education Systems and Private Schools

Pre + Equity

Hospitality Groups


Assisted Living



Transportation & Logistics

Specialization Is Our Advantage

DTSpade provides specialized real estate brokerage services to Clients in targeted Channels to help them make an excellent decision.

By “staying within our lane” we pre-select the transactions that we would like to represent, and by sowing into those channels, we are an unbeatable competitor. Understanding your needs, building a business around a single decision you have to make, and practicing that over and over again gives us success.

As a byproduct of our focus on specific channels, we have the luxury of building custom solutions, resources, and financial models around each of our areas of focus.

Global Network

Our Tenant Rep offices are dedicated to providing conflict-free commercial real estate services with worldwide access to Tenant Representatives, Tenant Brokers, Tenant Rep Brokers, Buyer Brokers, Buyer Reps and Tenant Agents.

offices located in the US - Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Hackensack.

partners around the world that are committed to your satisfaction.

states where we are licensed or have established partnerships.