How can you help me?

A few people know me as the Nick Saban of 7-year-old soccer. It’s not a joke. I don’t have the winning record, but I have all the mystique.

I teach my kids all kinds of things:

  • When they beg to play a certain position, I ask, “How do you get the job you want?” and they know to answer “Do the job you’ve got!”
  • On throw-ins, I don’t tell them to hurry, I just start counting so we can surprise the other team.
  • When I yell “Kroush’s Brother” they know that the goalie has put the ball down in the box and it’s free reign to rush in and get a goal (don’t ask about this one—it’s a long story where one of my player’s brother lost his name on our field and will forever be know as his little brother’s brother.

One of my favorite ones, though is that my players know when I yell “HOW CAN YOU HELP ME?” that’s a specific direction. I had 5- and 6-year-olds tying shoes, talking to buddies, running to get the ball, so I gathered them all together and told them, “You know how you can help me? By getting into position on this throw-in and getting into a position where we can score.”

We live in a weird world sometimes, but also a pretty simple one, too. A lot of you love me or someone who works at DTSpade. You’ve interacted with us or attended one of our Partners’ Meetings (if you haven’t, reach out. They’re 35 minutes, you’ll learn something and see how we’re building a better city) or maybe we’ve even done you a solid by sharing some information.

So, how can you help me? We need others to see that we’re quality players in this city. We need others to see that we care about our Clients. We need others to understand that we see the realization of our passion rooted in how excellently we serve you, our community, our Clients.

It’s a small thing, but it’s going to hurt just a bit. You can help me by clicking through this link and writing us a review. That’s it. Simple.

P.S. You’ll feel like this after you leave us a review.

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