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Why should I sign an engagement letter?

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 15 seconds An engagement letter, sometimes called a representation letter, is a contract that simply states that you are appointing a firm/agent to represent you in your real estate transactions. This allows DTSpade to negotiate on your behalf with new or current landlords. This could be for a lease renewal […]

How Will Trump’s Tariffs on China Impact Commercial Real Estate?

Earlier this summer, President Donald Trump approved tariffs on about $50 billion dollars in Chinese imports. Some fear this is certain to escalate a trade war between the world’s two largest economies. While others argue the short-term setbacks are outweighed by the long-term political and economic benefits. Which side will prove to be right? Only […]

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Tenant Rep

You may be asking yourself: “What exactly IS a tenant rep?” Short answer: A commercial real estate broker (i.e. A DTSpade Agent) who fights for your best interests when it comes to the lease on your office space. Now let’s get into those reasons why… PREPAID SERVICE COST Our service fees are baked into your […]

Dentistry From One to Five Offices: Part 1 – Why?

Part 1: Why would anyone want five dental practices? November 2016 – Q & A with Pete Newcomb Is dentistry an art, science or business? At DTSpade, we’d argue that it is all three. But every Client decides how much time they can allocate to each. Do you invest in getting better at your craft? […]

Lease Satisfaction Scores Tougher than CMS’

How FASB and debt markets will grade healthcare organizations’ leases Because of the prevalence of capital leasing for many companies, FASB and IASB have amended accounting guidance (ASC 842) to provide more reporting on lease transactions. IASB and FASB differ on how operating leases will be disclosed and valued on the financial statements. For this […]

Public Works Can’t Clean up this Mess

How the leases you sign may affect bond ratings FASB and IASB have amended accounting guidance (ASC 842) to provide more transparency for lease transactions. Breaking with tradition of adopting FASB standards, GASB appears poised to adopt the IASB single-lease approach over the FASB method. If that happens, the new accounting standards will require governments […]

No More Leases in the Junk Drawer

How FASB has changed lease accounting and performance bonuses at the same time Because of the prevalence of leasing for many companies, FASB and IASB have amended accounting guidance (ASC 842) to provide more reporting on lease transactions. The new accounting standards require organizations to recognize all lease obligations (over 12-months) on their balance sheets, […]

Who’s got a better multiple than Waze? Your Own City.

Technology, implementation of that technology and viable financial business models are beginning to align for governments to capitalize on new opportunities. The influx of residents to city centers provides challenges to infrastructure, but also opportunities to mine and monetize data. Traffic continues to be the greatest pain point for residents but also opportunity for relief […]

Charity Begins at Home

What is the proper response to life-long lagniappe? I’ve got family on my side and my wife’s side in rural America. When I tell them that my main business is representing healthcare organizations and governments in real estate lease negotiations, I can tell what they’re thinking: You really get paid for that? We take it […]

Urbanization in Georgia: How it’s Changing Atlanta and Other Cities Across the State.

Real estate needs and decision-making are evolving in response to urbanization The preference for more urban living among both millennials and baby boomers, combined with city-center gentrification, has stimulated demand for urbanized suburbs. The generation of people that are embarking on their careers right now are the millennials who want to live close to work, […]